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Mr Gordon trained to be a physiotherapist in Leeds School of Physiotherapy, qualifying in 1973. He has worked in the Royal Victoria Infirmary and the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

He has been in private practice since 1976 specialising in the treatment of low back pain, neck problems sports injuries and injuries sustained at work.

He also has extensive experience in treating people with MS and Stroke and has worked intensively with older patients in their rehabilitation whilst at Freeman Hospital.

Mr Gordon has a national and international reputation and has had patients from Holland, Spain, the USA, Canada and Kuwait.

He can also give speeches and training regarding the corporate side of treatment management to your staff.

If you think you could benefit from physiotherapy, or are unsure as to the benefits to be gained from physiotherapy, take a moment to browse the site and get in touch with the surgery either by contacting Mr Gordon, or by requesting an appointment.

NEW - MRI Scans
MRI Scan Mr Gordon can now arrange MRI Scans WITHIN ONE WEEK! Patients have, up until now, had to wait sometimes as long as 8 to 12 weeks for an MRI appointment. Mr Gordon can now speed this process up and arrange your scan, often within a week, meaning a significantly quicker diagnosis of your condition.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This type of scan uses magnetism to build up a picture of the inside of the body instead of X-rays. This is an example of an MRI scan.

MRI is completely painless, but rather noisy. The MRI scanner can be used for cross section views of the body, like the CT scanner. The main advantages of MRI scans are that they use no X-ray radiation, they can show up soft tissues very clearly and a single scan can produce many pictures from angles all round the body. The drawbacks are that they are very noisy and they can be affected by movement. So they aren't used so often for some mouth tumours, for example, because coughing or swallowing will make the scan less clear. MRI can be used on most of the body. For some parts of the body and for some types of tissues, it can produce clearer results than CT scan. For other situations, CT scan is better. Your own doctor will be best placed to decide the best type of scan for you.

Above information taken from the Cancer Research UK Website

For more information about MRI, see...

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