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Physiotherapy Examinations in Newcastle


When a patient consults with Mr Gordon, there is always a very warm welcome and a period of informal conversation which enables him to get a feel for seriousness of the condition, itís urgency in the life of the patient and the effect it has on all aspects of their lives.

The first question asked is Ďwhat has brought you to the surgery today?í There follows a detailed inquiry into the nature and cause of the injury or condition, when it began or occurred and whether it is improving, of a chronic nature or deteriorating. It will be helpful to know if anything aggravates the condition or if there is anything that the patient can do which alleviates the symptoms.


Mr. Gordon can also undertake examinations in your own home if getting to the surgery is problematic, or would be more convenient for you. Please contact Mr. Gordon if you would like to make or discuss your appointment.


Finding effective, safe and qualified physiotherpy is difficult when on holiday in a foreign country. Rest assured that should you ever need vital physiotherapy whilst abroad, Mr. Gordon is willing to visit you when you are on your holiday. No longer do you have to risk finding a qualified physiotherapist abroad, just call Charles Gordon.


Examination will include a visual and physical assessment of the area affected. Specific tests will be conducted and patients will be asked to perform a range of movements and activities which will help to clarify the cause and nature of the condition. Measurements will be taken and a record of the clinical findings made.

At the end of the examination Mr Gordon will be in a position to inform you as to the nature of the injury, itís likely duration and the intensity and duration of treatment.

In the event that the examination and analysis of the patientís condition fails to provide a clear indication of the cause and treatment required, Mr Gordon will not proceed with a course of treatment. He may refer you back to the GP and or on to a specialist who would be better able to arrive at a diagnosis. An MRI scan may be required or X-rays, for some arthritic conditions blood tests may need to be undertaken through the GPís services.

Mr Gordon works collaboratively with the patientís GP or consultant and any other professional person who is involved or could have a role to play, in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

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