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Physiotherapy Methods

These are specific to the injury but could include connective tissue massage, strapping Maitland mobilisations and manipulations, Ultrasonics, therapeutic exercises, correction of gait, balance and posture, advice on seating and analysis of the way the patient walks. Walking aids may be prescribed and instruction in their correct use given.

Mr Gordon has a huge range of treatment methods and combinations of methods which can be safely and effectively used. In the event that progress is not being made, a re-assessment of the nature of the condition will be undertaken and any adjustments made to enhance the efficacy of the treatment method. Mr Gordon will not pursue treatment if it not showing signs of improvement within normal limits.

Maitland Physiotherapy Mobilisations and Manipulations

Maitland Mobilisations and Manipulations

Spinal mobilisation has always had its efficacy described in terms of improving mobility in areas of the spine that are restricted (Korr 1977). Such restriction may be found in joints, connective tissues or muscles. By removing the restriction - by mobilisation - the source of pain is eliminated and the patient experiences symptomatic relief (Maitland).

Ultrasonic Physio Treatment & Therapy - Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Therapy

This consists of high frequesncy sound waves, used to increase the circulation in soft tissue structures such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has analgesic proerties and is also used to soften fibrous tissue and to reduce swelling.

Visual Gait, Balance & Posture Assessment

Gait, Balance and Posture

This consists of visual analysis of the gait and evaluation of any physical propblems identified and instruction in their correction. Abnormalities in posture or gait can contribute to symptoms in other parts of the body. Mr Gordon's approach is to identifiy these anomalies and, where possible, correct them.

Other methods include...
Connective tissue massage (including Myofascial release).
Swedish massage.
Progressive exercise programmes.
Peripheral joint mobilisation.
Instruction in the correct use of walking aids.
Strapping of joints: ankle/knees/elbows/ wrists lower back.

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