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Physiotherapy Conditions Treated

Treatment for Sporting Injuries

Sporting Injuries

Sports injuries affecting any area of the body with the exception of internal organ injury, haemorrhaging or head injuries.

Strains of the soft tissue in the upper & lower back and buttock muscles. Hamstring strains and pulls. Calf muscles including Achillesí tendonitis. Sprained ankles. Stiff ankles and loss of movement in the ankle and forefoot. Also tennis and golferís elbow, repetitive strain injury, capsulitis of the shoulder, loss/reduction of movement in the shoulder or shoulder girdle, frozen shoulder Pericapsulitis of the shoulder and loss of movement in the wrist/fingers.

Professional Football Injuries

With vast experience treating professional football injuries, Charles can be hired for football teams and clubs needing a team physiotherapist.

Back & Neck Conditions Problems

Neck and Back Problems

Cervical spondylosis.
Tense painful shoulders and upper back.
Postural correction and advice in the use of a VDU.
Management of chronic neck, stiffness and pain.
Mr. Gordon has been particularly successful in identifying and diagnosing previously undiagnosed conditions, which include cancers, tumours and recently, a ruptured kidney.

RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury & Industrial Injuries

Repetitive Strain and Industrial Injuries

Capsulitis of the shoulder.
Loss/reduction of movement in the shoulder or shoulder girdle.
Frozen shoulder Pericapsulitis of the shoulder.
Loss of movement in the wrist/fingers.
Bruises (haematomaís intermuscular & intramuscular).
Periosteal bruises.
Post fracture assessment and rehabilitation (upper and lower limb).

Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Post Operative and Rehabilitation

Neurological conditions.
Parkinsonís disease.
Post stroke rehabilitation.
Multiple Sclerosis (long term maintenance and treatment).

Treating Arthritis

Arthritic Conditions

Those affecting the neck and spine, upper and lower limbs. Where physical intervention is not known to be the most effective treatment of choice, splints and supports of a varying nature may be recommended and supplied. If a specialist orthotic advice is required referral to a suitable practitioner will be made.

Mr. Gordon has been developing an approach to the effective management and treatment of painful hips and ankles, in order to improve the way an individual walks and their gait.

Professional Physiotherapy Advice

Mr Gordon will research information on behalf of a patient at their request working in a consultative capacity for which fees will be charged.

Advice regarding surgical alternatives will be given related to back and arthritic conditions.

Also, Mr Gordon can produce reports for specialist referraland letters to GPís in support of further or alternative approaches to the patientís care.

Home Physio Visits

Please note that home visits are possible by negotiation. Time and distance are major factors and will be incorporated into the fee calculation.

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